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Picture of a Heart Details

Only 72 "Pictures of a Heart" will be created during my lifetime, the first 39 are available since feb-2015, The next 33 will follow over the years to come, So let us become aware over multiple now's where this creative heart goes next.

Each Picture of a heart will only be printed 6 times, 3x Wood and 3x Aluminum. Both materials in 3 standard sizes 40x40cm, 70x70cm and 100x100cm. This way, each customer will have a unique "Picture of a Heart", accompanied by an certificate of authenticity.

Picture of a Heart Manufacturing

The "Pictures of a Heart" are being manufactured by a professional team with years of experience, and a high-end reputation in the world of digital photofinishing, they produce the "Pictures of a Heart" by the use of special patented foils which generate the boosting in color reflection. Each plate is handcrafted with passion, precision and care, assuring the client receives a gallery ready (wood or aluminum) end-product. In the back you will find a Laser engraved logo and serial number. As an extra service, there are options to pick your own colors, and then preferred size up to 100x300cm.

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